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INTRODUCING the.........


the..... ZEN PEN and MICRO-NEEDLING!!!!!  


SKIN CONCERNS: Aging skin, fine lines, scars, stretch marks, acne scarring, sun/age spots, oily/dry skin, uneven skin tone and texture.

ZEN PEN is a cosmetic facial treatment that uses state of the art nanotechnology to deliver a customized blend of peptides or stem cells into your skin at the cellular level.  This treatment is painless and relaxing with quick, noticable results without any downtime or damage to your skin.   More specifically, I will be using a small handpiece with tiny pyramids that create nanoscopic channels below the surface of the skin, infusing the stem cells and peptides.  Cells are then able to repair themselves at a faster rate and provide the ultimate hydration. It can be combined with OPTI, peels, dermaplaning, microcurrent, LED or botox for optimal results.  It is amazing and awesome before an important event!!  A series of bi-weekly treatments is recommended for optimal results.  7-10 days if you really want to a jump start to repair skin!  

OPTI RESURFACING COMPLEX TREATMENT is a unique blend of ingredients that synergistically work together to produce a most fabulous exfoliation without skin trauma!  Epidermal surface layers, including surfactant buildup are removed revealing brighter, smoother, soft less congested skin.  Results are immediate and can be used on all skin types except severe rosacea or active acne.  Small breakouts or light hormonal acne IS eligible for the OPTI.    

MICRO- NEEDLING:  This procedure will include a consultation and is required before your service. No exceptions. Photos will be taken at that time.  You will also need to purchase a product for home care.  Packages are available and cost will be listed in the future                                                          

OPTI ZEN PEN I :  This treatment includes.... enzyme exfoliation / OPTI with ZEN PEN / hydrating sheet mask / ZEN PEN with hyaluronic acid and peptides            $125     

OPTI ZEN PEN II:  This treatment includes... enzyme exfoliation / dermaplaning / OPTI with ZEN PEN / gold peel off mask / ZEN PEN with hyaluronic acid and peptides                  $145          

 ZEN PEN II  with STEM CELLS:   $155 



CLOUD 9 EUROPEAN FACIAL:  60 minutes   $60

​After your skin evaluation and some discussion, this European Facial includes the traditional cleansing, warm towels with aromatherapy, extractions (if needed or desired) and a 15 minute facial and upper body massage using the mask of my choice.  RELAXATION! Candles and soft music help you escape to Cloud 9....

DETOX FACIAL:  60 minutes     $65      Rid your skin of blackheads and oil plugs.  This pesky problem enlarges pores, and gives an unpleasing look.  This treatment focuses on warm towels/steam and manual extraction to remove impacted debris.  The treatment gel also exfoliates with the use of glycolic acid, lactic acid and salicylic acid.  Great treatment after the summer months or first timers who have never had any type of deep cleansing.  

OPTI RESURFACING TREATMENT FACIAL:    $80    1 1/2 hrs.  This stellar skin treatment will have your skin glowing like never before!!  You will get a double exfoliation using enzymes with an OPTI resurfacing manual treatment.  Light extractions, ultrasonic infusion of fresh aloe, hyaluronic acid and peptides followed by a facial massage with jojoba oil.  As always, it will be raining with relaxing music, all the while being surrounded by stress relieving lavender.  Add a peel also to this treatment.

MANDELIC PEEL FACIAL:  25% or 40% formulas   60 or 30 minute (peel only)   $70/$30  Mandelic acid is a Level 1, typically non irritating formula.  It is a alpha hydroxy acid that is derived from bitter almonds with many benefits for the skin. It rapidly exfoliates dead skin cells and surface debris from skin.  It possess antimicrobial/antibacterial properties making it an excellent choice for all types of acne, even cystic acid.  It loosens blackheads, cleans and refines pores as well as improving the tone and texture of the skin. Brightens!  With continued use, mandelic acid can help repair sun damaged skin inhibiting future growth of melanin, which is the cause of brown spots and uneven skin tone. Lastly, is works to reduce fine lines. This treatment is great for all skin tones and even clients suffering from rosacea. ~~ Do NOT be fooled by a lack of sensation~~It IS working!!! One of my favorite formulas!  Can do every two weeks if desired. ALLERGY ALERT: Not for clients allergic to aspirin.

FUSION PEEL FACIAL:      60 or 30 minutes (peel only)      $80/$45 (peel only)                                                                                                                                  *I will not do this peel on your first visit with me and may require you to work up to this peel

This is a facial with the fusion peel as your treatment exfoliant. This layering Level 3 peel is a formula consisting of these acids:  mandelic, salicylic, TCA, glycolic, lactic, citric and phytic. Total acid content is 30%. This peel will most likely give you visible peeling, however, the more experienced peeler may only experience light flaking.  This can also depend on the number of layers I do on your skin. (max is 4) This peel can be done every 14 to 21 days.  It is prescribed for concerns such as acne and blemish control, anti-aging, dull/sallow skin, shallow scars, enlarged pores, rough skin texture and hyperpigmentation including PIH and melasma. You must purchase one of the Neogenesis stem cell post peel serums for your home care. You must also discontinue all products containing acids, retinoids or acne medication.  You can not do this peel if you are allergic to milk, aspirin or nuts.



This low level light therapy is becoming very popular as a cosmetic treatment.  It was developed for NASA plant growth in space!!  

What is LED therapy like?  The light is painfree.  It produces a warming feeling, and is calming and soothing.  You will be asked to wear eye protection at all times.  The light will be on your skin starting at 5 minutes per area.  Green tea extract will be applied to your skin.  It has been shown to amplify results of light therapy.  

Results vary from person to person and while some clients notice immediate effects of the light, you should expect results to take time.  With your permission, before photos will be takes and kept for future comparison with after photos.

There are different lights for different skin issues your body is presenting.  The common colors are RED, BLUE, YELLOW and GREEN


Red light therapy works for skin rejuvenation, wrinkles, fine lines, thinning skin, sagging skin, enlarged pores.  It increases blood flow, increases lymph drainage and circulation which reduces swelling and inflammation.  Red light therapy promotes collagen and fibroblast production.  Collagen is the foundation of the skin making it firm and and giving it that springing back action.  2 to 3 months of focused, consistent treatments will revive your collagen and fibroblasts!  ATP is also released.  ATP is the energy that carries out cellular processes.  Without it, the skin cannot carry out rebuilding and repair functions, including getting rid of waste.  Get your glow back!  Take a look at the list of additional wonderful anti- aging benefits of red light therapy!!

~Makes skin smoother    ~Reduces the number and/or severity of wrinkes and fine lines    ~Improves under eye circles

 ~Speeds up the healing of wounds from acne or cystic acne    ~Improves redness inflammationm pimples from rosacea

~Reverses sun damage    ~Heals and improves the appearance of broken capillaries    ~Reduces stretch mark severity

 ~Improves the appearance and smoothness of scars    ~Encourages well nourished, moisture rich skin

~Stimulates hair growth


Certain wavelengths of blue light are used to develop reactive oxygen species that kill the bacteria.  Acne is a skin infection of Propionibacterium acnes.  This bacteria is becoming resistant to traditional acne treatment that we have been utilizing.  Finally technology has introduced blue light therapy as a welcomed alternative. You could possibly get some flaking and redness for several days depening on the time spent.  Blue light therapy works best on mild to moderate inflammatory acne but can be used on severe acne as well.  I will decide what is the best course of treatment the first time you meet with me before blue light therapy will be utilized on your skin.


WAXING-    I use Nufree liquid soy along with warm sugar and/or hard wax ....depending.  Prices start at those listed below and may go up at my discretion.  Please contact me if you are interested in another area that is not listed.  As always, if you are using any acids, acne treatment creams or Vitamin A derivatives, it is imperative that you stop using them one week prior to and after your hair removal treatment.  You must let me know if you are using these items.  If you are taking Accutane, I will be unable to provide any waxing service, period.  You will be asked to fill out the necessary consent forms.

Important Brazilian Bikini Wax Tips and Chest/Back Wax:   Hair should at least be the length of a grain of rice.  If the hair is long or this is your first wax or wax of the season, please do any major trimming yourself at home, as I do not.  I will do minor trimming.  Feel free to take some Tylenol before arriving to my room.  Exfoliate in the shower really well on the days leading up to your wax for the best removal.  Post wax care:  For the best results you should have body wash with tea tree or an antibacterial soap  (Whole Foods, Sprouts, Walmart all carry various brands) some Neosporin, aloe, or refined coconut oil.  If you already own any special post waxing creams, these are perfect as well.  All these items will help relieve the skin and prevent red bumps that can appear post wax.  During your time with me, I will go over post care instructions to prevent ingrown hairs.  Plan on loose clothing, no exercising the day of your wax, no sun, no swimming, no hot tubs.  Following these instructions will help prevent any potential skin aggravations.



Eyebrow shaping:  $15        Lip wax: $8       Nose wax: $10      Full face: $35    Full face with brows: $45

Chin:$12       Sides of face: $15

Brazilian wax:  $40        Bikini wax: $25

1/2 lower leg: $35      1/2 upper leg: $45        

Underarm: $15   Half arm:  $29   Full arm:  $38

Eyebrow Tinting: $20      Eyebrow tint with wax: $30


Eyebrow wax:  $15   Nose: $15   Ears: $10

Full Arms: $55    Half Arm: $40    Underarm: $23

Back: $55        Chest: $55      Full Leg: $85      

I will be utilizing several different hair removal products.... hard wax, soy or sugar depending on the individual.  I want the service to be as comfortable as possible.

Speedo style:  $55

Manzillian: front only $80       

Manzillian: full front and back including buttock cheeks $100